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產品概述/Product overview
SZG rotary vacuum dryer is a drying device of new generation developed by our factory based on technologies of similar domestic products. The two cone-vacuum adopts belt-chain double elastic connection method, therefore the equipment can run in a stable manner. The specially designed process fully shows the good concentricity of the two shafts. Thermal media and vacuum system all adopt reliable mechanical sealing or rotating connector of American Technology. Based on this, we developed SZG—A which is capable of stepless speed regulating and thermostatical control.
Our factory may provide you with special “shovelling plate” structure additionally inside the tank.

工作原理 /operating principle
Supply heat energy (such as hot water, steam of low pressure or heat conduction oil) into the closed interlayer. The heat will be transferred to materials to be dried by inner shell. The tank body will be driven to rotate slowly. The materials inside the tank are mixed to strength drying purpose.
The materials are under vacuum status. Steam pressure will decrease which make the water on material surface (solvent) become saturated and then evaporate. The water will be discharged and recycled by the vacuum pump immediately. Water (solvent) inside the material is permeated, evaporated and discharged from the surface. The said three processes happen constantly and the materials will be dried in a short period. 


產品特點/Product features
Constant rotation of the vessel keeps renewal of heating surface of the materials;
Indirect heating gives no pollution which meet requirements of “GMP”;
High heat efficiency which is over 2 times than the common oven;
The rotation speed of the vessel can be adjusted within 3-13rpm;
Thermostatical control temperature will be shown on the digital display;
The temperature can be adjusted between 30-160 degree and temperature difference shall be within 2 degree.

主要用途/main application
This equipment is mainly used for drying of following materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries;
Materials which are used to recycle residual volatiles;
Materials which are used to recycle steam discharged during drying process
Material with strong irritation or is toxic;
Materials cannot resist to high temperature;
Materials which are easy to be oxidized;
Materials which the crystals are not allowed to be destroyed.

This machine is the main machine which needs to be equipped with heating system, vacuum pump and auxiliary device of the condenser. (Our factory can equip all the related equipments for you. Please note during ordering)
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