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產品概述/Product overview
1. ZN-C type is separation section of extended cylinder body
2. The condenser of this equipment is of inclined type in order to overcome disadvantages of secondary steam (on top part) condensation and flowing back to the concentrator before entering the condenser.
3. In order to improve production ability, heating area of jacket of the concentrator, area of condenser and cooler has been increased with different degrees.
4. Stainless steel ball cock is used to prevent dead corner in liquid outlet pipe of the concentrator
5. Quick-open hand hole is set at lower part of the concentrator to clear residual liquid and slag inside the concentrator.
6. The ZN-C type divides the heating jacket into two or three sections. When the liquid level is low, the upper section shall be heated to prevent dry wall forming. The bottom part shall be replaced with cone-shaped bottom to make it easier for concentration liquid discharging.

主要技術參數參考表/Reference table of main technical parameters
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