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產品概述/Product overview
Two-way stirring wall scraping reaction kettle is a kind of reaction vessel combing strong stirring, scraping and many other functions as a whole. The equipment is well adaptable to materials of middle & high viscosity and of contact deformation property. The equipment can be used for stirring and dispersing at the same time, therefore it enjoys good reaction result. The products of our company are sold to Singapore and Japan, etc. and are well received by customers.

適用範圍/Application scope
Two-way stirring wall scraping reaction kettle can be used for stirring, dissolving, dispersing of all kinds of materials and paint stirring. At the same time, this equipment has good adaptability which is a kind of ideal stirring equipment. 

設備的通用效能/General efficiency of the equipment
1. Two-way stirring wall scraping reaction kettle adopts advanced frequency control device which makes it fit for many different technological requirements of production
2. The equipment can perform material heating and cooling according to process requirements. The heating method can completely meet actual requirements. Methods, such as steam and electric heating are all available.
3. The equipment also has various stirring types which can completely meet actual reaction and stirring requirements.
4. The tank body and pipes have gone through mirror polishing treatment which makes it more adaptable for reaction of viscous materials.
5. Two-way stirring wall scraping reaction kettle can be equipped with vacuum pump which enables vacuum bubble pumping.
6. The equipment can also be equipped with spreading head of bottom-installation type or emulsifying head of pipeline type which can enable quick decomposition and reaction of the materials.
7. The controller of the equipment can monitor operation of the whole equipment, it can also clearly display reaction temperature and rotation speed for stirring, etc.

注意事項/Matters needing attention
1. When reaction performs in two-way stirring wall scraping reaction kettle, please add material strictly with valid stirring volume of the equipment. Overload operation is strictly forbidden to prevent motor burnt-out or damages of reducer and other components.
2. When the two-way stirring wall scraping reaction kettle is not in use for a long time, it shall be completely cleaned. Add lubricating oil to required parts when cut off power supply.

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